OBie Sho was born in Tokyo, Japan on October 27, 1992.
He used to be a soccer crazy child and played at the park until night almost every day with his friends. He was also very fond of spending time with his grandfather, who liked to play with oil painting, so he was familiar with art.
When he was a primary school student he was agile actor in his class. Even though he had a great time in these moments, he never knew at that point that he would become an actor later on in his future….

When he was ten years old he moved to Yakushima – an island off the coast of Kagoshima and the first place in Japan to be chosen as a world natural heritage site. He had lived there for about 8 years, and had a great youth. While in high school, OBie got an award from his prefecture. For this reason he became champion of the Kagoshima regional division, and finally earned second prize at the All-Japan English Speech Contest.
 Also when he was a foreign language institute student, he also performed at the biggest hall in Kagoshima. After this experience he determined that giving a speech is a lot like performing a monologue, and so he decided to do his final speech in this fashion. It was then that he discovered his passion for acting, and desire to become what he calls a “professional of emotions.”   

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He moved to Las Vegas when he was 20 years old. OBie’s studies focused mostly on theatre in his first year in college, and then transitioned to film acting training during the second year.
During his first year, OBie had a stroke of luck. Hiroki

Hara, a famous Japanese magician was in Las Vegas training and filming. OBie saw Hiroki at the library one day, approached him and after enjoying dinner together they became friends.

 Obie eventually became Hiroki’s assistant which was a magnificent time for OBie as he learned what it really means to be a first-class entertainer.

He has since begun the full-time pursuit of a career in entertainment, and has appeared in several independent films in lead roles in LA and has also been involved in several films in Las Vegas.”Experience and fateful encounter is the best fortune. We can learn from the actor’s experience. As an actor, give, encourage and love. And cherish the fact that you are only one person.”  

His dream is to become a magnificent actor in both America and Japan. And he would like to be one of those who can resonate profoundly with the audience. From his wide range of life experience, OBie thinks that this way of thinking will bring him a successful future. OBie Sho is a brand new Japanese actor.

From now on…… you might see him as a headline hollywood actor like what OBie saw “The first-class entertainer”.

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