NEW talent representation  (United States / Japan) :


OBie Sho is currently seeking for brand new representations following by conditions below. Literally any other terms and conditions would be more than welcome to negotiate. ANY Management Company, Theatrical & Commercial Agencies, would be delighted to set up further conversation. 

< United States >
- Every submission contract must be followed by under SAG-AFTRA.
- Mandatory experienced Legal Representation for O-1B Artist Visa sponsorship.   
- Understanding the casting submission range would also priority to access domestic casting-calls the same importance as national casting-call.
(*Until my status become green card holder.) 

< Japan >
- The English level must be fluent or above. Same requirement for Japanese as well.
- Any contract between production and OBie Sho must be a good standing situation with SAG-AFTRA *Global Rule One. ( Domestic, national, overseas project, every time must be confirmed. )
- Expert with the overseas project including from the United States.  
- Require to understand the schedule especially once OBie Sho starts working in the United States.


OBie Sho Casting Materials :

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